After an exciting opportunity to share the findings of our community listening exercise, we have been exploring how best to take forward what we learnt. Our report "Welcome to Wapping: The value of community in a Tower Hamlets village" highlighted ways to re-value community and possible contributions that we might make as a centre.

In 2015, we plan to develop a series of themed events, to continue the work of building relationships and exploring new ways to take action together. The topics will be key social matters in our community highlighted during the listening project and also current issues of public debate that relate to how we live together – alongside neighbours, within our communities and as a society.

Taking shared values for the global common good and principles from Catholic social thinking, we will invite serious reflection and space for people engaged in community service, to exchange perspectives, seek fresh insight and prompt considered responses. We would be glad to hear from you any suggestions for themes, as we invite local participants, specialist partners and experienced contributors to join in.

We will continue our spirituality events and one-off urban retreat days for local people This will be alongside offering reflection days for other parishes and partners as requested.

Our theme for the first three Saturday at the Hurtado mornings will be around ‘Listening’ (to God, to others, to ourselves…), so that we continue the thread into the Spring.

And as a place of welcome and community, we will prioritise hospitality in the form of a community meal and a potential new local food project.

Our space continues to be available for local events, meetings and workshops. Call us for details of venue hire of our rooms, hall and kitchen.

Contact Stephen Power or Kate Monkhouse for more information or call in to our weekly Drop-In, Wednesdays 10.00am to 12.00pm.