Living Theology: Dark Matter to Bright Faith

Living Theology: Dark Matter to Bright Faith

5th May 2018 to 6th May 2018, 10:30-16:00

Hurtado Jesuit Centre, 2 Chandler Street, E1W 2QT London

This is a course which all who are interested in science and how it links in with faith will enjoy. Spread over two days, three speakers will explore how a scientific world view leads to an understanding of God’s place in the world. God is creating and giving life to the cosmos, and we are discovering more and more about how it works, and how it has led to the living beings we call human.

As well as the talks, there will be time for questions and discussion.

The course takes place on Saturday and Sunday, May 5th and 6th  2018 from 10.30am until 4.00pm

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To an Unknown God’: How Science Worships what Religion Proclaims

Scientists study everything from subatomic particles to living creatures to galaxies — but how does science really work?  Our ideas about the relationship between science and religion are changing.  Should they be in conflict — or are there better ways of thinking?  Could there be a theology of science? How would this work?  The course looks at how science, philosophy and theology work together.

Kensy Joseph SJ is a chaplain at Manchester University studying for an MA in Biblical studies and the theology of science. He holds a BTech in Computer Science and Engineering and an MA in Philosophy.

Dark Matter to Bright Faith

Physics is still far from providing a complete understanding of everything that exists. Indeed astrophysicists and cosmologists have named the mysterious, yet unknown 95% of the total energy of the cosmos ‘dark matter’.   This course will introduce dark matter and its relevance for our galaxy and our own lives. We will focus on the role of science in our journey to find God, and in how science might “allow God to find us”, moving from dark matter to bright faith.

Paolo Beltrame SJ: ‘I spent 15 years  investigating the dark matter content of our Universe in various international research centres.  Then I realized that God was seeking for me – now I try to cast light in the darkness of our hearts, to find the loving God in all the aspects of His marvellous creation.’

Scientists discovering God

Teilhard de Chardin was a scientist who through his research did much to establish that the theory of evolution can explain the origin and development of life on our planet.  He showed how evolution began right at the big bang, and is the way in which God is still creating the universe – and we humans actually help in that.  This course will show how the discoveries of science are revealing God in our universe.

Michael Smith SJ is a physics graduate who has been involved in education for most of his time in the Jesuits, and is now involved in adult education.  His continuing interest in physics has led to an understanding of how scientific enquiry leads to a revelation of God.