May God bless you especially on this feast-day of our patron, St. Alberto Hurtado SJ !

August 18th, 2015

May God bless you especially on this feast-day of our patron, St. Alberto Hurtado SJ !

Alberto wrote passionately about the search for justice and the search for and love of God.  He said:  “The call of God that is the leading thread of a holy and healthy existence is nothing more than the music coming from the eternal hills, descending sweetly, or roaring and bellowing, melodious or sharp and cutting.  The day will come when we will see that God was the song that rocked the cradle of our lives.”

Recently …

In recent months at the Centre we have had, amongst other events, three meetings highlighting how matters of social concern can be enlightened by Catholic Social Teaching.  The first was on the concept of the Common Good facilitated by Pat Riordan SJ.  Then we had a conversation on migration issues, a hot topic nowadays.  Most recently we took the scandal of food poverty with the example of the work of the Bow food bank to reflect on what we all need to address in being more active neighbours to each other and those who need our solidarity.  Partners with us in these discussions have been Caritas, the Tower Hamlets deanery, London Citizens, Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) and many individual contributors with their local and more far-reaching expertise.

Looking forward …

In the coming months, we will be inviting you to join us in several programmes designed to develop our commitment to social justice and deepen our spirituality of service especially in this part of London.  The first will be continuing the exploration of social teaching especially as recently proposed by Pope Francis in ‘Laudato Si’, an exposition of human ecology and environmental concern in the widest possible sense.  Another programme will be an introduction to understanding Islam particularly as relevant for us being good neighbours here in East London.  We also plan to give people the opportunity to explore the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius in so far as they can help people in their social commitments and personal growth.

I hope you have a good holiday over this summer period and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Stephen Power SJ, Director