Meeting House Alley

July 4th, 2013

Meeting House Alley

The Hurtado Jesuit Centre is on Chandler Street off Wapping Lane. We are also just at the top end of Meeting House Alley, a small cobbled street that runs down to the pub at the end of our block. Our neighbours along Meeting House Alley are the Wapping Children’s Centre, St Peter’s Health Centre and the Turners Old Star pub, all looking out over Wapping Green. Between us we care for body and soul, health and wellbeing!

Just last week, as one local resident was finishing a meeting here, another local community volunteer arrived and they bumped into each other in our main corridor, our own internal ‘meeting house alley’.

One definition of “meeting house” might be a building for public assembly or for worship. The meeting house is the name used by Quakers for their community buildings. Quakers are much respected for their silent gatherings and strong commitment to justice issues. Although coming from a different tradition, the Jesuits also prioritise these values in their life and work. So, we hope that quiet reflection, as well as being active for social change will be qualities that characterise the Hurtado Centre’s space and programme.