‘What is Truth?’

‘What is Truth?’

5th December 2017, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Hurtado Jesuit Centre

Pilate’s famous question has been explored by philosophers and exploited by populist politicians since the glory days of Greek philosophy.
On the first session of the series of seminars of the Winter 2017-2018, Fr John Moffatt SJ will look at how some of those ancient concerns have striking contemporary resonance for a culture drowned in information but distrustful of expert interpretations. We will look at one or two philosophical habits of mind we might want to develop (and encourage in others) to protect ourselves from the fatal attraction of alternative facts.

The speaker:Fr John Moffatt SJ

John Moffatt SJ is a British Province Jesuit.  He studied Classics at University and since joining the Jesuits has done further studies in Philosophy and Theology.  Most of his work in the UK has been in secondary schools as teacher and chaplain, though he has also had a brief spell as a university chaplain.  He has written The Resurrection of the Word (published by The Way Books) – an attempt at apologetics adapted to the intellectual challenges of the 21st Century – and self published The Philosopher’s Friend and Tales of Detection.He has a further collection of essays on www.moffatt.wordpress.com.